Our Work

Our current efforts are centered around the indigenous tribes of Putumayo Region of Southern Colombia. Twelve indigenous tribes inhabit this region, consisting mostly of Sibundoyes, Huitotos, Ingas, Coreguajes, Camsas, Sionas, Cofanes and Paeces tribes. All of them come from deep traditional heritage and hold ancestral wisdom. However they are constantly under threat of encroachment and persecution from armed groups.

This land also boasts a rich biodiversity, including some of the most beautiful woods (teak, mahogany, rosewood, balsa, sandalwood, etc), food (banana, citrus, cassava, avocado, cashew, coffee), tropical forest oils and medicinal plants. The tribes here hold unique and sacred knowledge in regards to safeguarding and working in harmony with this beautifully rich ecosystem. It is imperative that we help preserve their livelihood and culture, and all this land has to offer.

Current Campaigns

This is a project for the indigenous youth in Putumayo. The children will receive music lessons in traditional flutes, guitar, percussion, and singing from some of the most established musicians from their communities. The children will be gifted instruments to continue their studies and be able to contribute to the continuation of their culture.

This project is to help preserve and continue teaching the youth of the Ingano culture their own tribal language. It is imperative these indigenous languages are preserved and continue as we cannot afford to lose the innate wisdom these tribes provide for the rest of humanity.

Every day Taita Juan is asked by a member of one of the Indigenous tribes to help with an Abuelo or to help build bathrooms for school children, or any number of things that are needed in these communities. We would like to create a fund for when these minimal, but important requests come in, he has the means to meet them with ease. Please help us build this fund to ease the burden on the Indigenous communities.

Past Projects:Planting Magic

Since the inception of humankind, Amazonian indigenous tribes have preserved belief systems and cultivated sacred healing and medicinal plants that promote harmonious and balanced existence with the natural world. We believe these sacred plants, if conserved and shared, can infuse our world with paradigms that will bring newfound peace and healing that our world so desperately needs. Like many places in the world, the Amazon is under constant threat of encroachment. 17% of the Amazon forest has been lost in the last 50 years. And increased interest in the healing benefits of these plants threatens their survival. If we don’t replant the magic of the medicine we may lose the potential answers they hold to a better future.

Magic Fund is raising the money to replant and steward 50-hectares of endangered, sacred plant medicine in the Putumayo rainforest for its 5+ year lifespan. With your donation, we are ensuring future access to the medicine for its indigenous peoples, our community and the continued healing of the planet.

Health Brigade I, II and III

Under the stewardship of Taita Juanito Guilermo Chindoy Chindoy, traditional healer and native to the Inga tribe of the Putumayo region, we have completed three projects and brought mobile clinics to various tribes that lack access and proximity to health resources.

In these communities, health issues are increasingly prevalent due to pollution from the outside world. We are seeing a surge in issues such as malnutrition, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, cardiovascular issues, anemia, pulmonary disease, parasites, and the list goes on.

These mobile clinics have provided natural healthcare to these communities, while also imparting health education and awareness to further empower their own self-care. We believe that by helping restore their physical health, these tribes can then garner the strength to further their work in land and culture conservation.

From the words of our liaison to the indigenous tribes, Taita Juanito Chindoy: