Magic Fund

Magic Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity fund, allowing us all to pool resources together as a community to make exciting changes for the world. One of the primary ways we can protect the Amazon and her peoples is by purchasing large chunks of wild jungle and conserving this land for antiquity, while protecting the indigenous communities residing in these areas.

We must protect what we have, or it will be destroyed.

Hosting cultural activities across the world, Magic Fund hopes to share the beauty of the ancestral worlds, in hopes that the people of the Earth will understand that the Amazon as a whole being is vitally important to the Earth and in need of protection. With your help, we can safeguard this precious ecosystem.

Our ancestors believed in a connection to the earth, cosmos, and to creation

Our Team

For the last 5 years Liz has been the owner and operator of the Rolling Stone Cottage, where she rents space and hosts a variety of events with the goal to raise consciousness.

Liz Bowlus

President, Magic Fund

The CEO & Co-Owner of Four Visions Market, Mariah has immersed herself in the plant therapies of the Amazon over the last eight years. A student of one of the Amazon’s oldest healing traditions, she is proud to serve and protect them.

Mariah Ganessa

Vice-President, Magic Fund

Through his work with the cultures and traditions of  Colombian Amazon, Carlos works towards the rescue and sustainable growth of the indigenous people and their jungle.

Carlos Duran

Chairman, Magic Fund

Colet is a writer, producer and film executive based in Los Angeles. She is a fierce animal lover, and protector of all life in need. Moving between worlds, she helps give a voice to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

Colet Abedi

Chief Creative Officer, Magic Fund

Giving back is something Megan was born to do. Currently an Executive Director overseeing the organizational direction and revenue, she is helping make an international stamp on removing barriers that inhibit our youth from their greatest potential.

Megan Miller

Secretary, Magic Fund