Our Focus

Magic Fund serves the mission of protecting, preserving and empowering Amazonian indigenous land, culture and people.

Our focus is threefold:

Empower Indigenous Tribes: preserving their culture, their traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom

Protect Amazonian Land: protecting its flora and fauna to maintain biodiversity, which is crucial to the wellbeing of our ecosystem

Foster Reciprocity: building heart-based connections and exchange, cultivating the remembrance of our unity, humanity and interconnectedness

Why the Amazon

Ecological Importance

We recognize that the Amazon rainforest represents 60% of the planet’s rainforests, and thus serves as the “lungs” of the Earth. It plays a crucial role in regulating our planet’s oxygen and carbon cycles.


The Amazon houses more species of plants and animals than any other ecosystem on the planet. An estimated 390 Billion tress, 16,000 plant species and millions of animal species live within these lands. It is rich with untapped potential as it relates to food, medicine and keys to the sustainability of humankind.

Sacred Wisdom

Deep within the jungles of the Amazon lies deep wisdom. Since the inception of humankind, Amazonian indigenous tribes have held and preserved belief systems and a way of living that are based on harmonious and balanced existence with the natural world. Each tribe maintains their unique views, methods, tools and medicine, but hold the fundamental belief in the sacredness and connectedness of life and Nature. We believe these teachings, if conserved and shared, can infuse our world with paradigms that will bring newfound peace and healing that our world so desperately needs.

Like many places in the world, the Amazon is under constant threat of encroachment. 17% of the Amazon forest has been lost in the last 50 years and with it, the threat of losing the answers to a potential better future.

Our Approach

In alignment to our focus in empowering indigenous tribes, we look to indigenous leaders and work with them to guide our efforts. Each project is birthed and executed in collaboration with these local communities and the people we aim to serve.