About Us

Magic Fund serves the mission of protecting, preserving and empowering Amazonian indigenous land, culture and people. We work under three pillars:

Empower Indigenous Tribes:
preserving their culture, their traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom

Protect Amazonian Land:
protecting its flora and fauna to maintain biodiversity, which is crucial to the wellbeing of our ecosystem

Foster Reciprocity:
building heart-based connections and exchange, cultivating the remembrance of our unity, humanity and interconnectedness

Where We Work

Our current efforts are centered around the indigenous tribes of Putumayo Region of Southern Colombia.

Main indigenous tribes inhabiting this region:

Sibundoyes, Huitotos, Ingas, Coreguajes, Camsas, Sionas, Cofanes and Paeces tribes.

All of these tribes come from deep traditional heritage and hold ancestral wisdom. However, they have been under constant threat and persecution for hundreds of years due to colonization, slavery, outside disease, evangelization, and now in modern day, armed groups, drug cartels, mining, logging, and oil drilling companies.

This land boasts a rich biodiversity, including some of the most beautiful woods (teak, mahogany, rosewood, balsam, sandalwood, etc), food (banana, citrus, cassava, avocado, cashew, coffee), tropical forest oils and medicinal plants.

Our Team

About the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest represents 60% of the planet’s rainforests, and thus serves as the “lungs” of the Earth. It plays a crucial role in regulating our planet’s oxygen and carbon cycles.

In addition, The Amazon houses more species of plants and animals than any other ecosystem on the planet. An estimated 390 Billion trees, 16,000 plant species and thousands of animal species live within these lands. There are even over 10,000 species of beetles alone! It is rich with untapped potential as it relates to food, medicine and keys to the sustainability of humankind. Lastly, the Amazon is home to more than 400 native tribes, each with its own language and culture.