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Magic Fund aims to conserve indigenous land, culture and wisdom.

We strongly believe in the power of sacred indigenous knowledge to transform the world. That’s why we’re focused on empowering the initiatives for conservation and persistence. We bring outside resources to support them in their goals, clearing the way for their magic to flow more freely to the rest of the world.

Liz Bowlus


As Director and President of the Board, Liz oversees the organization of MAGIC Fund. She leads all projects and initiatives to further its mission. Liz is an experienced entrepreneur and healer with over 20 years in the healing field, ranging from massage work, craniosacral therapy and kundalini yoga, to Amazonian herbal therapies and even creating and implementing a corporate wellness program. Liz has devoted herself to being of service to other and will always continue to be a student of life.

Taita Juan Guillermo Chindoy Chindoy


As MAGIC Fund’s indigenous guide and liaison, Taita Juan directs our initiatives on the ground in the Putumayo region of Colombia. He is our link to the indigenous communities and is in touch with their needs and goals. Taita Juan is a traditional medicine doctor, healer and botanist, and comes from the Inga and Siona tribes. He is the founder of Finca Ambiwasi healing centre and has dedicated his life’s mission to healing the world, helping anyone who comes to him, and giving back to his community.

Mariah Gannessa


As board member, Mariah provides advisory guidance to MAGIC Fund’s operations. She’s spent the last decade immersed in the healing cultures of the Amazon and has dedicated her life’s work to the plants and the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. Through her studies and time spent with various indigenous communities, what the people told her they needed most was economic sovereignty. This led her to establish Four Visions Market, a fair trade cultural sharing initiative and to found the nonprofit organization, MAGIC Fund, working to preserve the Amazonian people, their culture, and lands.


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