This Shirt Plants Magic

From seed to vine to cup. Magic Fund is raising money to replant and steward 50 hectares of endangered, sacred plant medicine in the Putumayo region of the Amazon. With your donation, you’ll receive a shirt or sweatshirt that plants magic, ensuring future access to the medicine for the indigenous people, our community and the continued healing of the planet.

Donate $150 or more and receive this limited edition T-shirt. This garment funds the planting and stewardship of 1,500 sq. ft of medicinal plants.

Donate $250 or more and receive the limited edition T-shirt and sweatshirt. This funds the planting and stewardship of 3,000 sq. ft of medicinal plants.

Donate $1000 or more and receive the limited edition T-shirt, sweatshirt and a private consultation with Taita Juanito. This funds the planting and stewardship of 12,000 sq. ft of medicinal plants.

The Conservation of Indigenous Land, Culture and Wisdom

We strongly believe in the power of sacred indigenous knowledge to transform the world. That’s why we’re focused on empowering the tribes’ own initiatives for conservation and persistence. We bring outside resources to support them in their goals, clearing the way for their magic to flow more freely to the rest of the world.

Endangered Plants Worth Protecting

Since the inception of humankind, Amazonian indigenous tribes have preserved belief systems and cultivated healing/ceremonial plant medicines that promote harmonious and balanced existence with the natural world. We believe these sacred plants, if conserved and shared, can infuse our world with paradigms that will bring newfound peace and healing that our world so desperately needs. Like many places in the world, the Amazon is under constant threat of encroachment. 17% of the Amazon forest has been lost in the last 50 years. And increased interest in the healing benefits of these plants threatens their survival. If we don’t replant the magic of the medicine we may lose the potential answers they hold to a better future.

The Impact of Your Past Donations

Health Brigade I, II and III

Your past donations helped us provide healthcare to 1500 indigenous people from the Putumayo region.

Under the stewardship of Taita Juanito, we brought mobile health clinics to remote regions that are severely lacking access to health resources. Our mobile clinics provided natural healthcare to the tribes while also imparting education and awareness to further empower them in their own self-care.

health clinic in Columbia rainforest
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Amazon Health Support
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health clinic in Columbia rainforest

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